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What is Channelling?


Channelling has existed for thousands of years and is a natural way of gaining information from something other than your conscious mind that you wouldn’t normally produce. Being a channeller is a bit like being a translator; you receive messages and translate them into something that people can understand and benefit from. It could be new knowledge, written work, healing, illustrations, symbols, artwork, music, poetry, meditations, inventions, and more.

Personally, I use it a lot to gain answers to questions, and am constantly blown away by the wisdom that can come through and guide you in the right direction.

Most of my work involves channelling: Spiritual readings, Meditations, Books, Newsletter

Would you like to learn how to channel, or develop your channelling ability?

1) Watch the introductory videos

Facebook header Experienced Channellers.jpg

2) Join our Facebook group 'Channelling Development & Spiritual Growth'.

As part of the groups we offer free monthly webinars, and a way for people to connect with like-minded people.

And if you are an experienced channeller, using channelling professionally, eg for healing, writing, giving readings, you are welcome to join the 'Experienced Channellers' Facebook group.









3) Check out the book 'Beginner's Guide to Channeling a Book'

This gives a step-by-step explanation of how to channel - and, if you want to take it further, how to channel a book.


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