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Newsletter February 2023 - What is Money All About?


(Channelled from my spirit guides)

Money is very much misunderstood, and the concept and use of money is often maligned.

Imagine that money were a creature. How would people view this creature? Some people would say it's a very angry beast. Some would see it as a very small timid mouse. Some would see it as a form they cannot understand or make sense of. Some would see it as a galloping steed they are on, going further and further, and doing more and more. Some would see it as a comfortable cat they keep on their lap. There is no one creature for all.

Everyone views money differently; everyone has different interactions with it. Everyone has different emotions regarding money; and everyone has different levels of understanding of what it truly, truly is.

As your guides, we apologise for bringing through something perceived as difficult - the concept is in fact very simple, though how humans have treated it means it has morphed into something quite challenging.

As with everything, money is an energy, and there isn't one purpose of this energy for every human. The energy of money for you relates to the particular purpose or purposes you have chosen for this lifetime. And so the more you understand the fundamentals of your reason for being here, the more you can make sense of the different aspects of life that you are involved in.

The best way forward is to understand your life purpose. Why are you truly, truly here? Only then, when you have worked it out, can you understand how the energy of money fits into your life.

What purpose does this energy have in your life this lifetime? Is it there, for example, to make life easier so that you can deal with the more complex issues of life? Is it there as one of your chosen challenges, so that you can learn to move past it? Is it there as a teacher for you, to teach you different aspects not only of your life but of other people’s lives?

The range of purposes of the energy of money in people’s lives is quite wide; there is no one-size-fits-all.

Make this an enjoyable exercise, an enjoyable learning exercise for you, where you look into the depths of who you are to work out your purpose and then understand the role of money within that life purpose.


This meditation helps you put into practice the message above.
To access the meditation, click on the image, and use the passcode: Si75+pcY


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