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Newsletter June 2024 - Making Use of Your Sleep State


(Channelled from my spirit guides)

Several hours a day most of you enter a level of consciousness that is different to when you are awake. You see this as normal - and it is normal. However, the sleep state is a very interesting state where a lot more can happen than you might ever be aware of.

You can, to some extent, have an impact on the sleep state from your conscious state.

On a practical level how might you do this? Firstly, do some research as to what you can do within the sleep state. For example, you may want to energetically travel elsewhere within this world or other places; you may want to recall certain things that you can bring back either consciously or subconsciously into your everyday life; you may want to connect with people that you are unable to connect with in the human world.

If you would like to do any of these things - or more - then we recommend you set an intention for what you would like to happen during the sleep state. When starting out, choose a simple aspect. 

Consciously choose your purpose for doing this; choose only the highest-level reasons for doing this work in the sleep state. What do you want to do, and - more importantly - why do you want to do it? What you desire must only be for the highest good.

Ensure you are in the right vibrational frequency and energetically protected. Allow yourself to go into a grounded state where you can raise your vibration - this is often done through meditation or similar - and send out your intention with love and with gratitude, trusting that it will happen.

As you do this, it will activate the energy so that what you are requesting is more likely to happen. The more you do it the more easily you enter that frequency and the easier it becomes; your vibration raises more easily, you are able to set an intention more easily, and you can more easily access that which you desire in the sleep state.

When you return to the conscious state you may not initially be aware of whether it has happened or not, and that's OK.

Please remember that you still have a human body and have to live in the human world, so set an intention that your physical human body, mind, and emotions will be able to function well when you're back in the conscious state.

Do not treat this lightly, treat this with enormous respect, and we will work with you to achieve this.

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In this recorded message, Spirit helps you gain a greater understanding of the sleep state and how you can best make use of it and reiterate their support for you.
To access the recording, click on the image below. 


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