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Newsletter May 2024 - When Life is Scary


(Channelled from my spirit guides)

Of course you will have times when life is scary, because that's life.

You have chosen to come to earth in human form with one of the deals being that you will experience a wide range of emotions, and that you will be given the opportunity to find the strength, the wherewithal, and the ability to deal with these emotions - to not let them cripple you.

It's OK to go into the depths of the emotion for a period of time, but mastery over your emotions is what we're looking at here.

If you are going through a scary situation at the moment, spend just a minute really feeling into the depth of what is scaring you. Drill right down until you have pinpointed exactly what is scaring you.

And then decide to come out of the depths of that emotion. Raise yourself up to a higher vibration so that you are more able to tap into your intuition and into your logical brain to work out what the best plan of attack is.

What’s the real outcome you would like? Other than removing the pain of the scariness – what exactly would you like to happen? How would you like to be able to master and control your emotions? How would you like to be able to deal with the energy of the situation? That’s what this challenge is truly about.

It’s OK. You are an eternal being; whatever happens, you continue to exist.

Know that you have chosen this particularly difficult challenge because deep down you knew that it would give you the biggest learning opportunity.

How are you doing? Are you learning? Are you able to set aside the fear for part of the time so that you can unearth what it is that you're here to learn? And how it's here to help you grow as a human and be able to shine your light even brighter, helping not only yourself but those around you.

It's all OK.

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In this powerful meditation, Spirit helps you gain a greater understanding of this life issue, reiterates their support for you, and explains how you can deal with it.
To access the meditation, click on the image below. 


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