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Newsletter November 2022 - Do You Put Yourself Down?


You chose to come here this lifetime; you chose who you are. You didn't choose to make yourself lesser in any way, but you have allowed fabricated societal constructs to see yourself as diminished.

Those constructs are aimed to do that, because they allow others to control you. You are much more than a fabricated societal construct tells you that you are. Your true self is more than you can imagine. And your true self is simply buried in layers of inappropriate thoughts that society has doled out to people.

It's easy to take those thoughts and create a shell around our true self to hide the wonderfulness of our being. And it's also easy to remove it.

What has society told you? You're not wealthy enough, clever enough, the right weight, maybe you don't wear the right clothes, or live in the right area? That helps no one.

An easy way to change is to envisage breaking through this shell one small step at a time. Not for yourself, but for other people. Think of someone you care about. How will their life be enhanced when you feel better about who you are, how you look, your finances, where you live, or whatever issues make you feel lesser than who you truly are? How will their life be enhanced? And what would be the ripple effect?

You do yourself no service living at a level below that which you chose to be this lifetime. You have enough time to make the changes to become who you created yourself as before coming here, so that you can fully carry out the work you are meant to do.

Note that the most important work you do here on Earth is to be in the highest vibration you can be, because as you live in that vibration, it raises the energy of others who you come into contact with. Your most important work is invisible, but you will know when you are doing it because your soul will feel immensely satisfied.

You chose to come here as a wonderful being, not one that is squashed by societal concepts. That serves no purpose. You owe it to your higher self to release the person that you truly created, one small step at a time.

This week, take one small step to break out of the shell. This step is to show gratitude for what you already have in your life. Write it down or draw it - everything. Everything you are grateful for, in your life as it currently is. Everything.

And finish the week by expressing gratitude that you know what your next small step is going to be. And do that next week. And the week after. And the week after.

No one will be able to put you down, because you will not be putting yourself down.


This meditation helps you put into practice the message above.


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