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Newsletter October 2022 - Honesty and Lies


How honest do you think you are? Most people reading this will say that they are honest. But - let's be honest - sometimes we are not as honest as we would like to portray. And that's okay; we're human.

However, it is useful to look at the times when we are not completely honest, and see what's behind that. It may be a simple white lie; we may do it out of kindness to protect someone else; we may do it to con ourselves; we may do it because we don't want to face up to something – a darker side of ourselves that is hidden, but lurking.

We are not saying don't lie, or don't say or think things that are not honest. Our message for today is to have a look at what's going on when you are not completely honest with yourself or with others. It always points to an imbalance, and imbalance is not helpful. So we simply invite you to be aware of the times when you are not completely honest. Drill down deeper and deeper until you find the fundamental cause of the imbalance. And then seek to address that imbalance.

Once you do that, it will free your soul; it will free you to be who you really are, and allow you to walk on a path that is much, much clearer.


This meditation helps you put into practice the message above.


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