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Hi, I’m Kim and I’ve been working in the spiritual, personal, and professional development field for over 20 years, helping people take steps forward in their life.

Spiritual Work
I strongly believe that there is more to life than what we can see, and that everything consists of energy. Once we tap into this energy amazing things can happen. I’ve been involved in spiritual development for many years and am constantly blown away by the wisdom that is always available to us to access.

People can reach their true potential when they have a sense of their purpose this lifetime, can see the road forward with a level of clarity, and take steps in this direction. I feel very honoured to be able to help people along their path.

Currently I give spiritual readings, write books, run meditations, train people in channelling, and run the 'Channelling Development & Spiritual Growth' Facebook support group for those who channel or would like to develop their channelling skills and spiritual abilities.

I explain more about my work in this interview with Susi Jones.

Personal & Professional Development
My work has always consisted of supporting people to take the next step in their development. Starting off as a Careers Advisor, I moved into the field of personal and professional development, running a communication skills training business, working as an international speaker, writing books, producing email services & newsletters, and setting up a support service for women in business - Chrysalis for Women. It’s been wonderful to see the progress that people make when they have stepped onto their path and keep moving forwards.
Originally from Liverpool in the UK, I now live 12,000 miles away in New Zealand, something I attribute to being born on a Thursday, Thursday’s child has far to go. I’m married to Jon, and have two children Jordan and Kira.

I enjoy meeting up with friends, spending time with my family, along with DIY and crafts, and would refuse to be stranded on a desert island if there were no pens, paper, or chocolate.

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