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Spiritual Guidance
Channeled Messages to Help You Understand and Navigate Life


Reduce stress and gain peace through increased understanding.


We can only operate at our level of awareness, so the more we become aware of life issues and their meaning, the more they make sense, and the more easily we can navigate our life path.

This book provides deep wisdom on 140 life issues, including life purpose, self-worth, success, failure, feeling lost, health, death, and money, so that you can raise your awareness and reach more of your potential.


A book to dip into or read cover to cover, where you can gain insight, find your way to spiritual growth, and move forward with greater love and understanding.

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"Spiritual Guidance is an absolute gift to be added to your self-development toolbox. Each page has been channelled to perfection, taking you on a moment-by-moment deep dive journey into open-minded questioning. Within are the answers to help you gain clarity. This book is absolute gold. Pick it up, open a page, see what message is in there for you today, and for the rest of that day live the message. This is how we grow as individuals. This is how we evolve as humanity."

Paula Johnson, Author & Wanderluster


"Dipping into Spiritual Guidance is like diving into an illuminated pool to discover a previously hidden map to the truth of why you are here in the experience called “your life.” There is an ineffable and beautiful knowing in these words that expands to reveal more with every look. In a world where the essential truths have been overcomplicated, Spiritual Guidance offers a seemingly simple yet deeply profound insights that are ready to meet you at whatever stage of the journey you are on.  I know I will return to these boxes for my therapy clients and myself. They are a much-needed oracle for our time."

Malcolm Wilson, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Mentor


"The combination of Kim’s strong spiritual connection and her wonderful way with words have combined to produce spiritual wisdom that is simple yet very effective. I strongly recommend this book for anyone on their spiritual journey as it brings understanding at many different levels."

Barbara Hand, Spiritual Tutor at ‘Spirit Wings’

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