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Free ‘Introduction to Channelling’ webinar


Wednesday 19th April, 7-9pm (New Zealand Time)

A 2-hour free webinar for those who would like to learn about channelling.
This is suitable for everyone, even those who may not have explored channelling yet, but feel like they may like to.

You may be intuitive and want a way to express your gifts, you may think you have been channelling but are not sure, or you may simply be curious and want to know more about it.

What will it cover?

  • What is channelling? Different types of channelling from writing to trance channelling / The benefits of channelling, and what it can enable you to do / What you can channel Whom you might channel / Removing fears about channelling /How to bring in protection so that you are safe /A chance to ask any questions at all

  • We'll then take you through the preparation for channelling, and we will do a short channelling session. You may like to write / draw or voice record what you receive

Facilitated by Arniya Heartford and myself; we have been channelling for many years.

If you are an experienced channeller and would like to share your experiences, please come along to the webinar too.


Simply join the Facebook group Channelling Development & Spiritual Growth

and go to the Events section

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Free 'Online meeting for Experienced Channellers'

21st March 2023, 7-9pm (New Zealand Time)


If you are experienced in channelling, and use it - or plan to use it - professionally (eg giving readings / healing / writing etc) and would like to meet with others in the same field, please join us for our first meeting

We’ll spend the time discussing if we would like a regular online meeting, and if so, what we would like the group to be about.

For example:

  • Opportunity to discuss professional challenges with channelling for clients, writing, blogging etc

  • Developing our skills

  • Possibilities for future collaborations

  • Potential for joint channelling sessions, bringing through material that can make a difference in the world.

Organised by Arniya Heartford and myself.


Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 839 0704 9202, Passcode: 188059

And please join the Channelling Development & Spiritual Growth Facebook group to keep up to date with what we are doing

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Guided Meditation

Spiritualism NZ offers free weekly guided meditations via Zoom where I and other mediums bring you meditations on a variety of subjects.

A great way to relax at the end of your day with a friendly group of people. You don't need to register, nor do you need to have any mediation experience, just connect to the Zoom link below.

I will be running the meditation on Thursday 23rd March at 8pm

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 845 6011 2353   Passcode: 795992


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