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Hi I’m Kim, thanks for stopping by.


Sometimes we need help to gain a greater understanding of life, how to navigate it, and take steps forward in the right direction.


We have questions we’d like answers to. We might like to know our life purpose, what to do next, or gain more clarity about relationships, work, or current challenges.


I can help people find answers to their questions. Working both online and from my base on the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand, I offer one-on-one spiritual readings, provide support to those interested in channelling, and write spiritual and personal development books.


Having always worked in the personal, spiritual, and professional development fields, I’ve been connected to Spirit since I was a child. From age thirteen I discovered I could ‘know’ things. For over twenty years I’ve been involved in a range of spiritual work, and look forward to connecting with you to help you find the answers you are seeking.

Kim Chamberlain

The services I provide are intended to help you take steps forward in your life.

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