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Newsletter Aug 2022 - For those who need direction in life


If you look beyond yourself, beyond your everyday life, there are bigger issues at play.

You are not here in the world unnecessarily. You have a role to play, a role much bigger than you may think.

Before you came to earth you chose your path for this lifetime. You chose it carefully and in conjunction with others - you have soul agreements with other people. You each have your role to play; it’s not an insignificant role. It may at times be invisible, but it’s not insignificant.

You are blinded by what society tells you is ‘a good way to live’. Society does not create this illusion for your own good, so you need to be able to see past this and unearth the beautiful reason why you are here.

Take time out. Listen to the meditation we give you and start to connect fully with the real You – the real essence of the being that you are.

Start to shed the cloak of the societal image you created for yourself in order to exist in a fabricated construct. As you shed this, and the authentic You starts to emerge, the energies will align for you to meet the right people and encounter the right situations so you can live as your core being.

Your vibration will be higher, you will be able to walk above the density of the 3D world and exist in a higher, kinder energy. Your path will become clearer and will make more sense. You will see your true purpose and you will be satisfied with it. It will be like switching a light on. You will not need to conform to what society requests. You may choose to conform, but that will be a conscious choice from a higher place of knowing.

Remember that you are human and that you will need to revisit this regularly so that you can maintain a high vibration and not slip backwards. Surround yourself with a protective energy. It could be in the form of people you mix with, groups you belong to, or books you read, for example. That will keep you in the high vibration that allows your true essence to appear in the world.


This meditation helps you put into practice the message above.


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