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Newsletter July 2023 - Sending Good Vibrations to Others


(Channelled from my spirit guides)

There are many benefits to sending good vibrations to others. It benefits the person you are sending the vibrations to; it benefits yourself; it benefits those who come into contact with you and the other person; and it ultimately benefits society.

How you do it is very simple. Get yourself into a relaxed state. Hold a vision of that person, or simply think about them. Breathe in gently, bringing loving energy into your heart space. It helps to hold a green or pink crystal to connect to your heart chakra, though it's not essential. And simply imagine a pipeline of energy travelling from your heart to their essence.

It's useful to not anticipate the help that they need. You may be aware of the help you think they need; they may have told you the challenges that they are having; but the real energetic help they need, may be something that neither of you are aware of. So don't, for example, send energy for them to have a better relationship or more money or a happier work life. You don't need to be that specific. You simply ask that that energy they need is received by them. They can format that energy at a soul level in a way that will help them move forward.

You can send energy to anyone. You might wonder about asking for their permission to do this. We simply ask you to request that when the energy is sent, that if their Higher Self wishes to receive it, then they receive it. If their higher self chooses not to receive it, then please ask that the energy goes to somebody who will accept it and who will benefit from it.

Bringing through this wonderful energy into your heart space will raise your vibration, and the person who accepts the energy will also start to vibrate at a higher level. It will have a ripple effect for those they come into contact with, and for raising the energy of the world as a whole.


This meditation helps you put into practice the message above.
To access the meditation, click on the image, and use the passcode: r9%erUXr


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