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Newsletter November 2023 - When Things are Out of Balance


(Channelled from my spirit guides)

There are times in your life when things are out of balance, and it's useful to be able to recognise when you need to take action to redress this, or to simply be aware that things are out of balance for a period of time and it's perfectly OK. There is a difference.

How can you tell which is which?

You do this by tapping it into your gut feeling, your intuition. If things are out of balance and need to be corrected, your gut feeling will tell you that the energies are wrong, and this situation is not beneficial to you.

Or it's possible that things are out of balance, and that is the best way for you to achieve what you are aiming for. Your gut feeling will let you know that this is a period of unsettledness and that it’s OK.

Let us give you an example. Let's say you are in a relationship, and you find that you and your partner are spending a lot of time apart, busy being involved in activities. You tap into your gut feeling and it says this lack of balance needs to be redressed. You then need to look at what has caused this to happen, and work out changes that will rectify it.

Or you may tap into your intuition and it tells you that the time you're spending apart will ultimately bring you the life and the relationship that you both want, and that it's worthwhile pursuing this course of action for a period of time.

To be able to discern the difference, listen to our meditation which will help you tap into your intuition.


This meditation helps you put into practice the message above.
To access the meditation, click on the image, and use the passcode: B!0z8.25


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