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Newsletter October 2023 - Are You Tired?


(Channelled from my spirit guides)

It's okay to be tired at times, that's natural. What we're talking about is non-natural levels of tiredness.

And you do know, don't you, that ultimately you create this yourself. You create it as a learning tool.

Let us give one example: You're tired because you have a full-time job, and you have young children. In typical society it's understandable that you're very tired. However, if we drill down and down, we get to decisions that were made quite a while ago that have led you to this situation. Why, for example, do you believe you need to work full time? In today's world, there are other options that can bring you a liveable income. Do you need all the money that you earn? Could you make changes to your life that would make it financially easier for you, so you can work or acquire an income in a less strenuous way? What are the requirements you place on yourself? For example, the level of tidiness in your home, or the number of activities that you take your children to. It's a case of looking at the whole picture and seeing which aspects lead to you becoming tired, because it’s possible to have the right amount of income and have young children and not be tired.

The path out of it may be like a maze, it might not be a straight line - but there is a path out. It serves no purpose you being very tired, you operate at a lower frequency.

The simplest way we can describe the steps to take, is to spend some time unpacking the whole situation you find yourself in, and seeing which parts you can alter, which parts you can tweak, which parts you can remove, and which parts you can replace with something more suitable. And the way out of the maze becomes clear.


This meditation helps you put into practice the message above.
To access the meditation, click on the image, and use the passcode: SZ8+45YH


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