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Newsletter September 2022 - What do you fill yourself with?


Love is the ideal to fill yourself with; love is the best food to feed on.

You can find love in many forms – in people, pets, your work, your environment, your home, your possessions, your hobbies, and more.

The more real – genuine - love you feed yourself with, the higher the vibration you will live in, and the more love you can give out. This further raises the vibration for everyone.

Look for the love energy in its many forms. For example, what aspects of your home do you love? Don’t just ‘skim think’ this; really focus on the aspects that you love. Look at them, think about them, and absorb that wonderful love energy.

Imagine you have a heart or soul that is not yet full, and your goal is to fill it with as much love as you can. Take time to go into a peaceful state, with the anticipation that you will become full of love.

Savour each aspect of the things you love, then place them gently into your heart or soul one at a time, fully appreciating the feeling of love and contentment as you do so. When you feel your heart or soul is full – or fuller - sit with that feeling for as long as you can, eyes closed, thoroughly cherishing the experience.

Make a regular habit of this, building up these beautiful feelings, and filling yourself with love.


This meditation helps you put into practice the message above.


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