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Newsletter February 2024 - Life is Like a Train Journey


(Channelled from my spirit guides)

Life is full of options.

Imagine you are at a railway station and there are several trains to choose from, each going in a different direction, stopping at different places, going to different destinations.

To some extent this is like the life options you're presented with. You have choices - not an unlimited number - but you have choices.

You choose a train. If you like it, you stay on; you might choose to get off at a station and explore what is there, and perhaps stay, or perhaps get back on the train or onto another train. Again, your choices are not unlimited, but there are choices available.

Who is on the train with you? Some are people you may have chosen to travel with, others are there for a reason. How do you interact with them? Do you get off at any stops with them? Do you choose to stay in the same carriage as them?

Some parts of the train journey you will enjoy, some you won't. Some will be wonderful, travelling through beautiful countryside in the sunshine; at other times you may go through a dark tunnel, short or long. These are all part of the journey; nobody's train journey is ideal all the time.

Your train journey will require you to make decisions regularly, some small some large. Some aspects you have control over, and some you don't. Either way you still need to decide how you deal with it.

How do you ensure you have the best train journey? We share our suggestions in the meditation.

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This meditation helps you put into practice the message above.
To access the meditation, click on the image, and use the passcode: ?=2K+.i1 


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